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The feedback of our clients is important to us


Desiree Lowry

Miss Morales makes sure to know and fully understand all of my businesses in order to cater to their particular legal needs. She is exhaustive and diligent with every aspect, from drafting contracts and trademark registration to representation in litigation cases. Her knowledge and thorough attention to detail provide me peace of mind and trust.


Maripily Rivera

Miss Morales has earned my full trust through her great diligence and work ethic. She has been in charge of negotiating many of my licensing deals and protecting my trademarks. Above all, working with her has made handling my legal matters something way easier to navigate, as opposed to something highly stressful. Her knowledge, dedication and relationship with her clients make her a different an exceptional attorney.


Danna Hernández

Miss Morales is characterized by her values, she’s very honest and transparent with her work. She is always available to answer my questions regarding my professional contracts, she works with diligence and promptness. She gets things done quickly, yet takes her time to explain everything, and is very organized. She is an attorney who is committed to her work and with seeing her clients succeed.

Andres Felipe.jpeg

Andres Felipe

The best part of working with Miss Morales is that she makes herself available at all times, and you can reach her directly, promptly and often, as opposed to having to leave messages or communicate with your attorney through intermediaries. The communication between us makes all the difference for my business.


Nashaly Muñoz

I hired Morales’ services during the time of the pandemic and, because of that, our interaction was always long distance, but that was never a limitation to receive all the legal services I needed. Legal issues are often draining but with someone who never loses her human touch and who loves what she does, everything is much more easy going. Her time, counsel and tactfulness will accompany you every step of the way.

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