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Introducing our law firm

A modern and friendlier approach to the  practice of law.

Who we are

Catalina Morales is an Intellectual Property, Business and Entertainment Law Attorney licensed to practice in multiple states and territories in the U.S.

Catalina Morales

What we do

Trademarks & Copyrights

Your Trademark makes it easy for customers to recognize and remember your brand. It represents the quality of your products or services, and sets your business apart. Your Registered Trademark protects your brand from your competition, gives you exclusive ownership of the mark, and prevents others from using the same or similar mark.

Entertainment Law

We provide services to the entertainment industry, including music, television, visual arts, and multimedia. We represent celebrities, models and social media influencers, among others. We negotiate and write contracts, deal with intellectual property issues, and more.

Business Law

Whether you're just starting out or you own an established company, I work hard to give you the kind of personal representation you need to help your business. We'll help you determine which legal entity is best for your business, form the entity, and draft all the necessary documents to get your business up and running, as well as assist you with all the legal needs that may arise along the way.

How we do it

and how much it costs

Our Trademark and Entertainment law business is centred on giving exceptional client service. This means being easy to deal with and using our experience and expertise to deliver a successful outcome for you. We pride ourselves on our open, down-to-earth approach. As part of this accessibility commitment, we will keep you posted on the progress of your case, and your options, every step of the way.

And we are happy to share that we charge flat-rate fees. No hourly charges. No surprises. 

What people say

Miss Morales makes sure to know and fully understand all of my businesses in order to cater to their particular legal needs. She is exhaustive and diligent with every aspect, from drafting contracts and trademark registration to representation in litigation cases. Her knowledge and thorough attention to detail provide me peace of mind and trust.”

- Desiree Lowry

Why choose us

We believe your experience and relationship with your attorney, and the process to fulfill your legal needs should a positive one. 

In addition to being committed to providing excellent service, we provide a friendlier and modern approach to law by utilizing all modern methods of communication. Miss Morales makes her clients a priority and makes herself directly available to them, unlike many firms where you will only be able to speak to an assistant and rarely ever get a hold of your attorney.

You can hire our services no matter where you are, and you'll never need to leave home to work with us.

And again, we prefer flat-rate fees over hourly rates. We don't like surprises either.

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